Global Acquiring & Processing

The ability to accept and receive cross-border payments is just as important as distribution of funds.  Similar to our correspondent bank network we created a global acquiring network. Today our clients are able to collect card network payments in 26 countries across Europe, North America and the Asia Pacific through a single source. Additionally, we have simplified the merchant onboarding process and provided access to new regions and countries for our customers.

PayCommerce’s merchant global acquiring solution enables merchants to expand their business into global markets and reach thousands of potential consumers. Merchant Global Access features a processor-agnostic gateway that integrates with PayCommerce’s own merchant processing or delivers the flexibility to accommodate a wide range of processors and multiple banks, eliminating the need to change existing contracts.

The merchant global access gateway, enables merchants to accept transactions then authorize and settle the funds into the merchant’s local bank account. It allows merchants to see real-time consolidated reporting on payments, refunds, chargeback activity, and exception management for all payment types.

Merchant global access provides a Certified PCI-DSS Compliant hosted infrastructure in combination with advanced fraud management tools to detect suspicious behavior anytime and anywhere in the world. Transactions are constantly monitored through the entire transaction process. Security tools track and monitor the card activity as the information passes from the payment portal all the way through to settlement processing. Our product produces alerts whenever any malicious or suspicious activity is detected.

We enable merchants to:

  • Accept both card present and card-not-present transactions globally
  • Scan checks for remote deposit
  • Execute domestic and global wire transfers
  • Process and settle ACH payments
  • Enable mobile payments
  • Accept credit card and ACH payments over the phone
  • Set up scheduled and recurring payments