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About Our Payments Technology 

Our proprietary payments platform is the underlying technology that drives PayCommerce products and solutions. It is the technology foundation for our global disbursements, acceptance and SWIFT Service Bureau. Our enterprise payments platform enables our customers to build their own payment experience on top of our proprietary technology.  Legacy vendor payment applications have catered to supporting specific types of payments like ACH and Fedwire. Our solution helps customer consolidate processing over these various disparate payment networks into a single solution. This lowers the cost of ownership and reduces maintenance costs and risk. Our platform supports all payment types and can be integrated with most banks’ third-party applications incl. ERP and CRM systems.

Our technology infrastructure is designed to centralize and manage enterprise-wide payments; both disbursements and acceptance. The PayCommerce enterprise-technology is a payment architecture and network platform comprised of various technologies and business services offered on-demand (cloud) using a highly-secure and scalable infrastructure.  The platform has been strategically architected not only to support multiple payment types, but also meet the high-security demands of global financial institutions. Additionally, our technology was structured to accommodate various domestic and cross-border payment models. The PayCommerce platform is a robust infrastructure with powerful tools to build dynamic payment applications and integration capabilities that support various payment messaging standards including ISO20022, SWIFT MTxxx and EDIFACT among others.

Our Payments Hub & Platform 

The PayCommerce cross-border payments hub is a centralized, modular platform that standardizes enterprise B2B payments processing. It improves efficiency, provides transparency and significantly cuts costs and reduces complexity. Our modular solution is designed to be flexible and scalable to accommodate a myriad of customer use cases. Our technology leverages a service-oriented architecture (SOA) and industry standard ISO 20022 message formats. The payment hub streamlines processes across the payment value chain for domestic and cross-border transactions: from initiation to settlement and reporting.

The platform distinguishes itself in the marketplace, by providing 5 ‘payment-rich’ modules:

  1. Initiation – Any-to-any message formats, APIs, SFTP Batch Processing, ERP Adapters (SAP, JD Edwards, Oracle e-Bus., etc)
  2. Validation – Message Format Validation, Message Data Validation, Duplicate payment management, Auto-repair
  3. Processing – Cross Border & Domestic Disbursements, Instant Payments, Compliance Screening, Exception Handling, Business Rules,
    Forex, Prefund Mngt, Routing Rules, Blockchain Settlements, Profile Mngt, Message Enrichment
  4. Security – Multi-factor Authentication, Role-based access control, Data & Channel Encryption
  5. Reporting – Transaction History, Compliance Reports, Payment Tracking

The PayCommerce payment hub enables banks, FIs and corporates to modernize their payment infrastructure, rationalize payment messaging, enable their payment services and leverage the extensive service-catalog to streamline their payment processes.