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SWIFT Service Bureau

SWIFT Service Bureau – a complete, flexible and proven solution

PayCommerce offers a premier SWIFT Service Bureau and has decades of domain expertise in SWIFT managed services.
We are SWIFT-certified to offer both managed bank connectivity and communications as an integrated service. The solution mitigates risks related to integration and connectivity by offering three layers:

1) Integration: provides interfaces with all enterprise resource planning (ERP), treasury, and payments systems.
2) Data normalization: transforms data into standard formats.
3) Financial messaging: connects corporations to banks directly via SWIFT (with embedded SWIFT Service Bureau access) or
    through other exchanges.

By connecting to our SWIFT enterprise platform, corporations can leverage valuable bank and communication services without the need to install additional software.  Services available include eBAM (electronic bank account management), bank statement aggregation and bank fee analysis, along with SWIFT and bank-specific services.