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As the world’s largest 3rd-party provider*, we will help you upgrade to 7.2 with confidence!

As a certified SWIFT partner and payments technology provider, we understand the challenges of operating and maintaining a SWIFT Service Bureau. Since, 2002 we have been providing SWIFT services for an extensive list of SWIFT clients covering all major constituents. In that time, we have experienced several major migrations, including: BKE to RMA, 6.0 and 7.0. *During the 7.0 SWIFT upgrade, our team performed 70 migrations, making us the largest third-party provider in the world. Our dedicated SWIFT experts not only take a consultative and strategic approach; they also have proven processes and automation that will position you for success.

A trusted Service Bureau provider

Our focus has always been to make it easier for our clients to solve the various technology, business and administrative challenges of joining and operating SWIFT. We offer the widest range of options including a dedicated messaging platform and connectivity for non-SWIFT messaging interfaces. As a SWIFT partner, our team has decades of domain expertise in SWIFT managed services and a full-service onsite support team of dedicated SWIFT-certified specialists on staff. Our service track offering SWIFT solutions is world-class and is trusted by everyone from Fortune 100 customers to community banks.

Offering you the widest range of options:

1. Leverage our professional in-house services: From our SWIFT-certified professionals.

2. Shared Service Bureau: Standard multi-tenant Service Bureau implementation.

3. Outsource just your connectivity: Whether your messaging interface is SAA or non-SWIFT.

4. Dedicated Messaging Interface (SAA or other) in our Service Bureau:  The highest security solution in the service bureau market which protects your investment in your messaging interface.