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Financial Messaging & Integration

Enterprise Integration for SWIFT Applications

Our Service Bureau integration solutions for SWIFT enables: parsing; writing; validation and manipulation or transformation of SWIFT FIN MT messages inside our integration brokers. This significantly accelerates the development of integration interfaces requiring SWIFT FIN MT message processing.

Enabling our enterprise Integration Bus to process SWIFT FIN MT messages opens the way for implementation of integration interfaces for processing messages from the SWIFT network, other SWIFT processing systems, legacy systems and other non-SWIFT systems. Legacy and other systems may be those that process messages according to older versions of the SWIFT standard, or those using other formats such as fixed-length files, XML, etc.

By leveraging our on-demand integration broker features, services built within the integration broker can be made available to consumers outside of the integration broker through available protocols such as HTTP.  This allows customers to centralize SWIFT integration and processing capability, while enjoying leverage beyond the immediate enterprise integration broker infrastructure.

For more details, please see our SWIFT Factsheet.