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SWIFT Solutions Suite

Our focus has always been to make it easier for our clients to solve the various technology, business and administrative challenges of joining and operating SWIFT.

With global customers covering all major constituents of SWIFT users, including banks, broker/dealers, custodians, investment managers, securities market infrastructures, and some Fortune 100(R) corporations, our company has proven processes and automation that are guaranteed to deliver results.

Our service offerings cover 4 main categories:

1. Service Bureau
2. Infrastructure Services
3. Integration Services
4. Business Consulting

1. Service Bureau:  We provide a complete, flexible, proven and cost-effective SWIFT outsourcing solution.

Utilizing all SWIFT components, we ensure support for the latest SWIFT functionality and features as soon as SWIFT makes them available. Naturally, all SWIFT message types including the full range of MT, MX and all variations of FileAct are supported. Going beyond SWIFT, we offer a broad array of add-on functionality to enhance your SWIFT experience including: sophisticated and customizable alerting systems; automatic conversion of messages to PDF; a data warehouse for instant and detailed reporting; transformation of messages to-and-from non-SWIFT formats; a full range of integrated compliance solutions, duplicate checks and custom software.

We offer unmatched resilience that goes beyond technology and data centers to cover process, people, offices and measurement. Our flexibility allows you to outsource any or all components to tailor the best outsourced solutions for your needs.

2. Infrastructure Services for clients with an in-house SWIFT infrastructure.

Our team has deep technical expertise from serving our clients with in-house SWIFT infrastructures ranging from those with 50,000 messages a day to smaller institutions with less than 100 messages a day. Our staff includes SWIFT-certified specialists in the subject area: SWIFTNet Infrastructure. No other Service Bureau has more SWIFT-certified staff. Managed operations is a service that completely manages your SWIFT infrastructure and is offered suit your needs and budget. Our on-call support provides quick access to our SWIFT experts with guaranteed SLAs. Our team also undertakes fixed-fee projects for clients who need assistance only for specific requirements.

3. Integration Services cover a wide range of software development services ranging from simple utilities to complex integrations using middleware that are uniquely engineered and licensed to dramatically reduce the cost and complexity of a very broad range of SWIFT integration problems. In particular, our Servie Bureau offers integration as an outsourced service, so you can retain your existing SWIFT infrastructure and use our services only for integration.

4. Business Consulting offers the following services:

        – Bank On-Boarding: We manage the entire onboarding process: from planning to contacting banks, testing and the final
           implementation. Our automated tools enhance the ability to manage the bank process beyond implementation.

        – SWIFT Message Advisory: Our SWIFT-certified experts have a deep knowledge of SWIFT messaging, including the
          detailed content of the individual SWIFT messaging fields, as well as the business context in which these messages
          are used. Training programs are customized for a wide variety of business and technical users to suit your needs/budget.