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Platform Framework

PayCommerce is redefining ‘payment infrastructure’ for enabling next generation technology

Banks and global corporations are struggling with their payment infrastructure that can no longer support their business demands. Moreover, these enterprises have multi-vendor solutions combined with siloed functions which make it even more challenging and costly for them to integrate with each other.

What is a Payment Hub?

Payment hubs are referred to as enterprise payment architecture software which enables the customers to build their own payment experience on top of the Hub software.  Legacy vendor payment applications have catered to supporting specific type of payment like ACH, Fedwire, RTGS, credit card gateway etc.

A payment hub should be able to support multiple types of electronic payments and can be integrated with any banks third party applications including ERP and CRM systems.  A payment hub can be viewed as a technology infrastructure to centralize and manage enterprise wide payments; whether it is incoming or outgoing.

The PayCommerce enterprise hub is a payment architecture and network technology platform comprising of various technologies and business services offered on-demand (cloud) using a highly secure and scalable infrastructure.  The platform has been designed from ground up to support security demands of banks, supporting multiple payment types and comes pre-integrated with various payment networks around the globe including alternative payments, card association networks and direct correspondent banks spanning 75 countries and growing.

The PayCommerce enterprise hub comes with powerful tools and infrastructure to build powerful payment applications and integration capabilities that supports various payment messaging standards including ISO20022, SWIFT MTxxx and EDIFACT among others.

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