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Global Payment Acceptance

PayCommerce can enable global credit card processing in all major markets worldwide which makes up most of the e-commerce sales globally.  To ensure successful conversion rates, payment service providers are considering local card acquiring solutions. Domestic payment card acquirers are better equipped to support domestic processing regulations, better pricing and local market conditions, often have higher authorization rates in emerging markets, and have the best competitive rates compared to an international processor.

The benefit of joining PayCommerce acquiring and processing network and usage of its platform are the following:

  • Faster go-to-market for your global initiatives
  • Single point connectivity to 75 countries
  • Improved conversion rates on your card processing
  • Reduced processing costs
  • Faster settlement capabilities across borders
  • Transparent and cheaper FX rates for settlement across multiple currencies
  • Automated reconciliation reporting
  • Advanced fraud prevention tools
  • Self service merchant portal
  • Customizable check-out pages for credit card and alternative payment schemes
  • Comprehensive API’s for your integration needs
  • Charge-back prevention and analysis tools
  • Comprehensive reporting and analytics

To obtain a list of the countries and card types that we can help you process worldwide and for more information on our global coverage and solution capabilities, please email us at sales@paycommerce.com.