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Global Merchant Solutions

The leading instant cross-border payment acceptance gateway

PayCommerce Global Merchant Solutions (GMS) is the gateway to your cross-border acceptance, cross-border settlement, compliance, reporting analytics, fraud management and alternative payment type solutions.

Our GMS solution is one of the industry’s most robust global payments gateways to enable credit card processing in all major markets.

To ensure successful conversion rates, our GMS payment gateway provides a competitive FX marketplace that enables processing in local currency using local payment rails. Payments are accepted instantly and merchants receive payments in local currency. By eliminating intermediaries in the payments process our members realize increased efficiency, transparency and significant cost reduction. Transactions are transparent and can be tracked throughout the entire transaction cycle. Security is never compromised and transactions meet integrated compliance requirements; including KYC, OFAC and PEP.

Paycommerce delivers a complete suite of fraud detection solutions that help your business eliminate 99% of online fraud and attacks in real-time. You can avoid charge backs, account takeovers, identity theft and other online scams that can hurt your bottom line and corporate reputation.

Leveraging our GMS technology expands your global reach swiftly and efficiently. Cross-border payments clear and settle in real-time and your transaction costs are reduced up to 80%. Using our open API technology simplifies the system integration process and increases interoperability with other systems.

We offer a world-class infrastructure and an open network of banking partners where eligible institutions can join and transact globally. The power of the network combined with our GMS offering expands your global reach exponentially and enables instant cross-border payments.

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