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Product & Solutions

PayCommerce is focused and committed to solving enterprise cross-border payment challenges globally. We have dedicated our resources in researching and developing the next generation payment platform. We have created a frictionless global payment supply chain that delivers cost effectiveness and efficiency for our customers and members.

Our solutions are based on a unified enterprise payment platform and framework that can process multiple payment types across the globe.  We categorize our solutions into 3 different segments based on client demand.

Global Disbursements and Acceptance:

GTS provides access to a global member consortium and instant cross-border payments network for significant cost savings, global reach, efficiency, transparency, FX rates and integrated compliance–all through a single point of connectivity. Our members gain access to a trusted global network of banking and financial services institutions including, correspondent banks, MSBs, payment service providers and corporates– enabling payments disbursements, clearing and integrated settlement.

Our platform provides significant cost savings for low-value, high-volume payments, and also integrates compliance including KYC, OFAC and PEP –all while providing full transparency into the process. Our solution provides easy access, open APIs and interoperability w/other systems.

GMS is a payment gateway that provides global instant cross-border payment acceptance, clearing and settlement. It offers integrated compliance, reporting analytics, fraud management and access to alternative payment type solutions. Our gateway enables payment settlements in local currencies (using competitive FX rates); while maintaining compliance, security and transparency in every transaction. NOur offering delivers cost savings and revenue growth single point of connectivity; faster-go-to market capabilities; an enterprise payment framework; compliance solutions to help reduce risk; streamlined back office capabilities; data transparency and efficiency and robust security.