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Our Industry Initiatives

Seamless Cross-Border Payments

The PayCommerce platform aims to provide seamless cross-border payments to banking and financial services institutions around the globe. Global financial institutions and corporations trust us to perform payment transactions; exchanging millions of standardized financial messages daily. This involves the reliable and secure exchange of payment data while ensuring its confidentiality and integrity.

The objective is to enable our customers to seamlessly execute cross-border disbursements and acceptance transactions worldwide. Using the PayCommerce platform and messaging infrastructure, the transaction originators, distributors and beneficiaries can collaborate all on a single platform. This improves transparency, security while saving money. PayCommerce significantly reduces the use of intermediaries that are involved in a transaction, in order to improve speed and costs, while helping members mitigate compliance and settlement risk.


Our strategy focuses on key priorities, linked to a specific objective:

  • Transact securely and in a reliable manner between trusted partners and customers globally
  • Reduce transaction processing costs for originating members and distributing members
  • Bring efficiency through process automation, compliance and risk management of members using industry standards for payment processing by our members across borders.

Faster Payments: Introducing the Federated Ledger

The objective of this initiative is to democratize the cross-border payments industry and enable same-day settlement integration across the globe. To learn more about our Federated Ledger, please contact sales@paycommerce.com