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PayCommerce, the leading, open instant cross-border payments network, is committed to a strong customer focus and driving value for our members. Our robust network model is a consortium of banking and financial services institutions spanning the globe. In fact, our members include: 7 of the top 25 global banks and 14 of the Fortune 500 corporations.

Why join our network?  Global access and reach to global banking and financial services institutions.

Interact with network members in other parts of the world where you can set up a trusted, secured correspondent relationship. Our open network membership provides eligible institutions:

  • A global banking consortium membership
  • Faster payments, clearing and integrated settlements
  • Next generation, secure messaging in an enterprise payments framework
  • Wholesale transaction pricing (up to 80% savings from traditional channels)
  • Integrated compliance tools (AML, OFAC, PEP, KYC)
  • Enhanced security and risk mitigation tools
  • Multi-currency FX rate quotes from direct market makers.
  • Secure transactions and ledger management
  • An easy-to-join network + pay-per-transaction model

Overall Benefits:

A single point of connectivity for cross-border disbursements and payment acceptance.

  • Global access to an open network with ease of interaction with network members
  • Faster go-to market for your global payment initiative
  • Significant cost reduction–up to 80%
  • Increased transparency
  • Manage settlement risk
  • Integrated local compliance and AML tools for banks


E-mail us at sales@paycommerce.com or call: +855 4PAYCOM (Toll free), +1 732 562 0020


Customer Benefits:

  • Global Correspondent Banks and Financial Institutions
    Get the global reach you need to grow their business: network members can facilitate payments with leading banking and financial services institutions around the globe.
  • Global Acquiring Banks
    Through our global acquiring network you can collect card network payments in numerous countries through a single source. Also, we have simplified the merchant on-boarding process and provided access to new regions and countries for our customers.
  • Alternate Payments
    Although payments types and methods vary globally, now you can have true global access to a majority of these prevalent, alternative payment networks.

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