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About PayCommerce

PayCommerce is a leading cross-border payments technology that seamlessly facilitates global disbursements and acceptance transactions. Leveraging our blockchain-based Federated Ledger, PayCommerce enables B2B cross-border payments for banks, financial institutions, trade networks and corporates.  Through a single point of connectivity, our platform has the flexibility to access and integrate with networks around the world. Our customers include top global banks, financial institutions and Fortune 500 corporates. PayCommerce also has a SWIFT Service Bureau, the world’s third-largest provider of SWIFT upgrade services. Headquartered in Edison, NJ, the company has associates strategically placed around the globe to support customers.

Value Proposition & Competitive Advantage

PayCommerce’s value proposition is its unique technology model, which offers cross-border payments disbursements
and acceptance in addition to a SWIFT Service Bureau. We give our customers a competitive advantage by offering them
value-added benefits:

  • Significant cost-savings
  • Increased efficiency
  • Transparency
  • Speed
  • Enhanced security

Driving Technology Innovation is our Strength

From blockchain-based technologies to artificial intelligence, PayCommerce is focused on providing innovation throughout the payment industry ecosystem. Our aim is to provide direct access and transparency to create a seamless payments process.

We offer a proprietary, cloud-based payment platform solutions for enterprise needs in B2B payments. Our integrated solutions support multiple payment types and settlements across the globe. We continue to innovate and improve our products and services to deliver the solutions that empower our customers and their financial supply chains.

Our Core Values

Our global customers and members are at the core of everything we do. Our guiding principles are building trust and credibility with our customers, member and industry partners by offering transparency and access throughout the payments process. We promote respect, business integrity and open communications among all stakeholders. These basic principles drive our company and culture forward.